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Commissioned Original Paintings
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"Privately commissioned paintings are something I have a good deal of experience with. Over the years I've developed a very good, fairly foolproof system of creating artworks in collaboration with clients and collectors.  I understand that my clients want me to bring all my skills and imagination to their project. However, I also realize that --when it comes to commission work-- my job is to give clients what "they" want. Tthe key to a successful result lies in good communication and I keep clients well informed and involved throughout the process.

Pricing involves a combination of things is not an arbitrary thing. Prices aren't based on how much I think I can get away with nor are they dictated solely by size. Rather, I consider the complexity and difficulty of the subject matter and the estimated time required for completion. All these arecarefully calculated and are in line with prices I’ve “actually received” for comparable works in the recent past.

I provide a no obligation written estimate in advance and I never exceed my high estimate. Above all, the project is not complete until my client is satisfied. The following summarizes my commission process:

1) Call, email or send me a letter outlining what you have in mind.  If you like you can include photos, notes, rough sketches or anything else that might communicate what you have in mind. If you need a particular size or a budget those would be helpful as well.  I'll do a bit of brainstorming, knock out a rough sketch or two and send you an estimate for your approval prior to proceeding. 

 2) Next I create a full sized drawing showing the layout and placement of all major elements. I will send you a photo or a copy of it for your feedback. If you live close enough we can arrange to meet in person to discuss. Once you approve a final layout, I will draft a more formal written agreement and request a down payment (usually 50%) prior to the start of painting.

3) I will email you photos of the painting as it progresses. This is especially beneficial on projects that involve unusual requests or special effects. However, some people prefer to simply be surprised.

4) When the painting is complete I'll send a final photo for your approval prior to shipping, delivery or pick up. Final payment is expected at the time of delivery.  

5) You are encouraged to hang the painting in your home for a few days, weeks or months. It's important for you to be able to experience the painting on your own walls, under your own lighting and have ample time for examination and evaluation. If needed, you may return the painting to me for any final corrections or changes.  You may (within reason) designate a few things you want added, removed, altered, enhanced etc. The exception being the relocation, addition or removal of "major" elements such as buildings, trees, roads etc.  Such changes at this advanced stage are rarely possible without starting over. However, this has never been a problem in the past since the placement of all major elements would have been mutually agreed well in advance.

That's it in a nutshell. If you want to proceed with a new painting I will be happy to work with you.